Gas, Grass or Ass – Nation’s Optometrists Commence Annual Pilgrimage To Vision Expo

Make Love Not Remakes

One by one the nation’s optometrists have flipped the closed signs on their practice doors, grabbed their tie-dye shirts and piled into vans all headed for the optometry industry’s annual love-in.

Local new graduate optometrist Sally Mendosa is feeling a little nervous about her first pilgrimage, saying “I guess I’m not really sure what to expect. I suppose it’ll be something like Burning Man but with CE points? I survived Fyre Festival so I guess anything will have to be better than that”.

Mendosa’s boss, Ray Feelson has attempted to quash any nerves his young employee may be feeling, telling her “It’s totally cool man, just chill and go with the flow. Stop being a stiff man, and you know what, screw working for the man, at least until next Monday when I need you to completely go back to working for the man”.